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Disease and Heart Hello, If the stent has been removed then it is not advisable to have intercourse immediately and you should wait for atleast 7 days-10 days after stent removal so that complete healing takes place. It will be better to consult your husbands operating surgeon and discuss about this. If you did not have chest pain during sex prior to the stent, it is usually recommended that you wait at least 5 days after the stent procedure before resuming sexual activity (or other strenuous activity and only if there is no discomfort in the. Bare-metal or drug-eluting stents lasts in the artery for the life of the patient. After implanted, the stent is gradually incorporated (new tissue grows over and through the struts, drug-eluting somewhat delays this, hence possible blood clot problems ) into the vessel wall, essentially becoming a permanent part. What Is a Stent? Sex After Heart Attack Washington Regional Medical Center Sex Generally Safe After Heart Attacks Mayo Clinic News Is having sex OK if you have a kidney stent inside of you Stenting for Peripheral Artery Disease of the Lower The pain may start in the middle of the chest but moves to right or left, goes to back/upper part only/ and my shoulders/. Right above my breast bones hurt sometimes more and it is very tender to touch. Before I had my heart attack, I have never experienced anything like that- everything started after the stents were placed. Drug-eluting stents (DES) These stents were developed to combat the re-narrowing that developed after bare metal stent implantation.

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    These stents are coated with.

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